Presentation of the adventure

Presentation of the adventure

Hello to all!   It is more than 8 years I think to do a world tour and go on an adventure to discover the landscapes that our planet has. To avoid this dream to go on the list of never consummated splurge, I decided a year ago about to choose the year 2017 to leave. Unlike the majority of globe-trotters, I intend to travel with my bike a large part of the year. I plan to make several roads to two wheels in the four corners of the world. Here are some: – tour of the mountain Ben Macdui in Scotland – back St. Lawrence to Canada – a good half of the famous Great Divide Mountain Bike Route in the United States – a ride on the white mountain range in Peru – Alps 2 Ocean in New Zealand…   gdmbr Of course, most kilometers will be in transport, on foot or by air. (I'm leaving for a year!) To do this, I will roll with a true folding bike weighing 13 pounds. I can't imagine a trip like this without adventure and physical expenses. It is more than 6 years that I'm only moving to bike, and I am convinced that this type of transport is the most practical, ecological and economic. In combination with transit, I think I find my dose of adventure for the whole year around the globe. In addition, I stand a lot of my nights. Although I'm leaving alone (it's rather hard to find someone willing to do ~ 5000 km by bike), I'd love to meet you in a corner of the world. Do not hesitate to contact me if I am close to you or if you have tips to share. I'll also help network Warm Showers to regain more strength when I need it.

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[/ wpdevart_countdown] We're a month and a half before departure. This blog will share a maximum this experience by regularly posting photos and videos of this journey. Feel free to leave a comment to support my calves and my mind. bike and nature Facebook drive was soon on the road!

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