Edinburgh? No Edinbra

Edinburgh? No Edinbra

Hello to you. This is the first real article concrete speaking of travel, finally!  😀 After arriving at the airport without incident, I go back to my bike pedals and inflates the air chambers. Still a little coffee, and I'm ready to take the road to Edinburgh and at the same time learn how to roll to the left. The Union Canal connects the capital of Scotland to Glasgow, by chance it passes close to the airport and is Alex a bicycle. The road is peaceful despite the rain. Union Canal  


View from Holyrood Park (pronounced "edinbra") has a charm. Between his reliefs, its parks and its stone buildings gross, any street may become the subject of a photo. She is not very extensive but everything seems very green, a nice contrast with the churches. I break the crust in a park at the foot of Edinburgh Castle which dominates the area. Princes Street Gardens I do a little tour in the city when I see a nearby mountain, it seems possible to mount. Neither one nor two, I'm starting to be able to have a beautiful panorama of the city. After the comfort, the effort this mountain turns out being in a huge park (Holyrood park) point of view is very pleasant and we see even the North Sea or rather an estuary. Edinburgh from Arthur's Seat [/caption] first day completed, it's time to sleep! Distance to bike: 40 km

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