Beers, hills and rain

Beers, hills and rain

A small part of the WaW in the legs, I wanted to go higher and see Connemara but I was excited by the idea of returning to Dublin to find my friend Nono for an evening. The Wild Atlantic Way in full must be superb: 2355 kilometers; but I expected that two weeks in Ireland and I wanted to see the green hills to the South of Dublin before leaving. My plane for the Canada was seven days later. I visit a last morning Galway, visit its small museum about the city, its Cathedral, then take the train to Dublin.


No, no visit at this time, I spend a great evening with my Nono poto, which was three days in the area, but to attend him! In short, an evening in Irish pubs with two friends who are not seen for a month that can be summed up in a picture:

Wicklow mountains national park

A small half-day rest and replenishment in food preparation it's always good to attack the national park of the mountains of Wicklow and the three/four days. I take a train to Greystones to get closer to a minimum and quickly finds that the region is full of hills. To Kilmacanoge I don't know if I'm starting to develop an instinct to find good spots to camp in the wild, but it was four stars! To Kilmacanoge with fajitas House (finally the blow ^^ tent) and a magnificent sunset as a bonus. Ten days I am in Ireland, Sun and time were predominant, I couldn't be so lucky so long, even the Irish could not believe: that's the rain. Store the tent in the rain is not very pleasant, but I reassure myself by saying that the day will be better; that was not the case here. I do so few kilometers and will go to the Powerscourt waterfall. Powerscourt Waterfall Powerscourt Waterfall crossed still of beautiful green forests. Given the fleet falling uninterrupted since the beginning of the day is not surprising. The next day is more productive (although almost all also wet), I visit the site of the old monastic site of Glendalough.

n, Glendalough
a priest, had apparently established the site in the 6th century as nature seemed very peaceful. Even now, I believe it ^^. I end the day back to Greystones and taking a train to Dublin because I want to dry overnight and I still plan to visit Dublin. I would have liked to do more kilometers in the area, but the rain was right in my optimism.

Dublin (as a tourist this time)

I spent a few days in Dublin, visit a part of his huge Phoenix Park, the national museum and its streets to the typical red bricks and besides, the weather is back. Dublin

[/caption] [caption id = "attachment_642" align = "aligncenter" width = "640"] Phoenix Park
Dublin it's very nice to pubs and lively neighborhoods on weekends, but there is a little too many cars in the rest of the city for my taste. I take a rest day in my hostel before getting ready me and my bike for the Canada.

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  1. Hey Fab

    Mike here…it was good to meet you the other night in Algonquin Park. It was nice sharing stories. Hope your trip goes well and i’ll keep an eye on your blog to live vicarious through your adventures.


    1. Thanks Mike.
      Trip goes well, I’m in Regina now before going to the US in one week. Thanks for the beers and the great evening despite of all the bugs.

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