Gallery opening

Gallery opening

Hello, a few words in passing about the Blog rather than the pictures this time.

  • The Gallery is open, so you can find the pictures in large format by country here: Gallery. Photos can put a bit of time to load but there are some new pictures.
  • The English translation is present but has a few small errors of transcription: the Blog in English
  • On the smartphone version, the navigation bar does not appear, I'll try to fix it fast
  • The articles appear currently with about two weeks behind on the facts (big ping), to find out where I am more precisely you can consult the page: where am I now that I update regularly.
  • Thank you for all your comments, it makes me very happy and allows me to face serenely the time changing the Canada.
  • I have already cycled 2000 terminals! : P

A very fast!

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