On board the Canadian to win Winnipeg

On board the Canadian to win Winnipeg

After a long hesitation, I decided to continue my journey to the West. There was a ten day itinerary by bicycle to see the North American Great Lakes Bay and Manitoulin Island but fatigue and the critters were right about me. What better than the train to relax, see the landscape while continuing the road. So, I take a bus to Toronto where I spend a few hours before taking a train to Winnipeg. Toronto boarding in the Canadian (name of the train which runs from Toronto to Vancouver) resembles that of a plane. With a little extra, ZigZag is supported such what, I have no need to fold or need to pack it. The train leaves at 22 hours from Toronto to reach Winnipeg 37 hours later. It passes through places really very desert landscape of lakes and forests occur at infinity. Please note that freight trains have priority over trains for passengers, it stops so very often. In the train the train is comfortable even though I don't have bunk (triple the price), there is room for legs and saw that it is far from full, all passengers can use two seats and thus sleep in strange positions. The time changes by leaving Ontario and attendant wakes me up to tell me that one comes to Winnipeg in 20 minutes! Already? I have only one desire, back in the saddle and see the Prairie Manitobiennes…

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  1. Sounds like a wise choice. Glad you’re feeling well rested now, and ready to take on the prairies. A bien tot!

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