Resume and video of Peru

Resume and video of Peru

Now it's time to make a little recap of my visit to Peru.

Recap Peru

Kilometers travelled

    By bike: 540
    By bus: ~ 1900
    By taxi: ~ 250

Peru has been a great experience very rich in discoveries for me. This is the first time I have travelled to South America and I really do not speak very well Spanish (I have improved since then), so the displacement was total as soon as I arrived.
I thank Gonzalez who joined me for two weeks, it was really nice and I finally got to speak French. I also thank the whole group with whom I made the trek of the Salkantay, the atmosphere was great.

Peru has a very rich culture, just walk a little bit to realize it. Nevertheless, in view of the number of things to see and the greatness of the country, I focused on its nature and its mountains. That is why, apart from Machu Picchu and some buildings in places, I did the impasse on the Sacred Valley, or the Chavín of Huantar. Nor did I have time to see the multicoloured mountain, the canyon of Colcan, the NAZCA lines … The country is anyway too big and too rich, I do not think there is a way to get bored. Despite this I took full view with these snowy mountains, these gigantic trees, this lush nature by location and very dry to others …
Its height and its diversity of landscapes make it a truly splendid country and I will not speak of the intense blue waters of Lake Titicaca.

What I'm going to miss:

    The view of the White Mountains
    The warm welcome of the Peruvians
    Fresh fruit juices pressed in front of you for a ridiculous sum
    Markets: Their atmospheres and their choice of products (bio?)
    The ceviche

What I'm not going to miss:

    The traffic of Lima
    Sometimes unsanitary toilets
    The quantities of waste at the edge of certain roads
    All dogs chasing cyclists


It's time for me to explore a little more South America, hoping to come back one day to visit everything I missed.

Geographic boundary


Here it is in time and in time:

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