Sports debut in Bolivia

Sports debut in Bolivia

This is finally the sequel to South America: Bolivia.

After the border

Always with Mary and Alex, we pass the geographical border then after the passage of a pass down to the small village of Puerto Acosta. We can have lunch for just over a euro directly in the kitchen of the restaurant, it is rather atypical.

The view of the Titicaca after the geographical border

We move to the border and customs post for entry formalities in the country. The other two pairs of French tourists join us, which makes us 7 to have to fill out the papers. The customs have never seen so many cyclists passing at the same time, they take us even in pictures.

We separate again because Mary, Alex and I plan to do a little more kilometers than the others. On a near deserted road, we quickly move on our mounts.

The evening came and after some unsuccessful research of a place where camp, we ask an old gentleman who was passing by. We will be able to plant our tents next to an empty ground; And fortunately, because the wind and the storm are not waiting.

Sunset from the Bivouac

The next day we take the road to Achacachi, the main town of the area. We provide fresh bread and fruit in the village of Escoma before attacking the few climbs and 80 kilometers of the day.

Alex and Mary facing the coast.

Well tired we arrive in Achacachi and we find a hotel (Alojamiento here) with a very limited cleanliness. Good, at €2 the room do not ask for luxury, there is besides no shower.

to the capital

The next day we take the road again, still south. The snowy mountain ranges are gradually appearing. Despite this, the road is still very monotonous and there is more and more traffic.

After about thirty kilometers and at the end of the lake, our paths separate. I have to go to La Paz to find a bike shop and repair one of my spokes from the rear wheel (you have to disassemble the cassette to replace it and I have nothing for) as well as my suspension that seems blocked. Alex and Marie did not wish to attempt the experience of entering a bicycle capital take the direction of the West.
We leave knowing that we will find ourselves soon to pedal together a part of Bolivia.

So I come to La Paz after a lot of miles.

La Paz

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