Down the Road

Down the Road

Given my enormous delay between my present adventures and my narrative on this blog, I decided to make a short summary of my visit to Chile so as not to accumulate it.

Chill in Chile

Here we are in Chile but before reaching the first small town (San Pedro de Atacama), the most dizzying descent of our lives awaits us: 2000 meters of negative elevation on just over 40 kilometers… In short, a sacred descent that is swallowed up in just over an hour.

The Licancabur before the dizzying descent

Arriving in San Pedro we rest several days to regain strength after our Bolivian adventures. We take the opportunity to fill up with fruits and vegetables and prepare great dishes. To say simply, a small week of vacation without too many kilometers.

San Pedro de Atacama

It's only a good-bye

That is when I leave Alex and Marie who continue their roads to Argentina. Many other events await them in Patagonia, starting with 2000m of positive elevation. We encourage and we say to the next… In France. ^^
For my part, I have to go due south because I have a flight to Santiago in less than 15 days. I pass by the Valley of the moon near San Pedro to contemplate the deserts, the impressive mountain range in the distance and a cave of salt perfectly fantastic.

After a day and a half of pedalling (and 1000 m of positive difference) I reach Calama where I take a bus to advance me south.

Cactus under the Stars

I arrive at La Serena which is a seaside resort 500 km north of Santiago. The atmosphere is relaxed in this rather large city. I allow myself a few days of extra rest on the Pacific Rim before I get back on the bike.

So I go inland to follow the road of the stars! Known for the many observatories and high mountains away from any light pollution, this road quickly becomes a track and passes through many valleys.

The mountains are very dry but the Chileans have techniques of capturing water in basins that allows them to have all year in the valleys. The contrast between the top of the mountains full of cactus and the green valleys is striking.

I camp several times in height and the warmth of the night allows me not to put my canvas of tent and therefore to contemplate beautiful starry skies lying on my mattress.

The night was perfect

Little by little the landscape becomes a little greener, I chain different tracks borrowed only by some goats. Long climbs and very pleasant descents follow each other.

I arrive at a small town somewhere north of Santiago, I decide to take a bus to avoid traffic at the entrance to the capital.

I come from the bottom of this valley

I just have to visit the city and find a box for Zigzag. My flight to Costa Rica is coming soon.


Short video because like the last one of my SD cards dropped. But this gives a glimpse of the northern part of this country.

Being late on my schedule, I could not see the southern part of the country. It must be said that the shape of the country does not help. ^^
I will therefore not doubt to explore a little more these landscapes and all the different environments that it can offer.

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